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Tregaron Conservancy

Visiting this beautiful park, you would never know it once stood on the brink of destruction. Retrace the footsteps of the heroes who saved it from Neglect. ​

Time to Complete: 45-60 minutes

Difficultly Level: 2.5/5

Distance: <1 mile


Dumbarton Oaks Park

Don't be deceived by its wild nature, Dumbarton Oaks was meticulously designed. Everything from the winding of the paths to the placement of individual trees was carefully chosen to enthrall the visitor. These design elements couldn't possibly be clues to a hidden treasure...could they?

Time to Complete: 45-60 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3.5/5

Distance: ~1 mile

Tudor Place

Walking through its carefully preserved gardens, it is hard not to feel like you are traveling back in time when you visit Tudor Place. Little did you know that these gardens have preserved more than just history, but a trail of clues as well...


Note: *Tudor Place is currently closed due to COVID-19* You can still purchase an adventure but will need to wait until the garden opens back up again.

Time to Complete: 30-50 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3/5

Distance: ~1/2 mile

National Arboretum: The Azaleas

Political Intrigue, War, Rumors. Discover the rich history behind one of the Arboretum's most stunning displays: the Azalea Collection.

Time to Complete: 35-50 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3/5

Distance: ~1 mile


Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden

Taking up an entire block in the heart of downtown, this garden is one of the city's finest jewels. Gazing out over its koi pond and swaying palm trees, you would never suspect that it came dangerously close to never existing. That is, until you discovered a historical notebook buried in the dirt...

Time to Complete: 40-60 minutes

Difficultly Level: 4.25/5

Distance: ~1/2 mile


Old Train Depot at

Lake Los Carneros Park

Hidden along the edge of Lake Los Carneros sits an old railroad depot. You always assumed it was where passengers boarded the train, except it is not connected to any tracks in town. So what is its purpose and why is it here? Your questions went largely unanswered until you discovered a strange booklet buried in the grass...


Travel back in time to the early 1900s when new technologies like trains and telegrams were just beginning to arrive in Goleta. Discover the strange story of the depot and how it changed the city forever.

Time to Complete: 35-50 minutes

Difficultly Level: 4.5/5

Distance: ~1/2 mile

Ravenna Park

When Ravenna Creek was restored in 2006, a secret organization is  rumored to have left behind a series of clues during the process. These rumors were always unfounded until you discovered a booklet washed up along the creek. 

Time to Complete: 45-75 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3/5

Distance: ~1.25 mile

Carkeek Park

As the stories go, when Carkeek Park was dedicated in 1929 a mysterious stranger appeared and placed a curse on the park. Since then, Carkeek has undergone tremendous changes. Explore the park and see if you have what it takes to restore stability to the land.

Time to Complete: 55-75 minutes

Difficultly Level: 4/5

Distance: ~1 mile







Central Park

Central Park was commissioned in 1960 to meet the needs of the growing city of Santa Clara. Little did city officials know that hidden within the design of the park is. a trail of puzzles. Where do they lead, and who put them there? A small booklet you discovered in the park may hold the answers...

Time to Complete: 40-60 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3/5

Distance: ~1/2 mile


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