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BranchOut's goal is to provide people with an experience in nature they'll never forget. Each adventure is designed to be a fun, challenging, and collaborative opportunity to spend time with friends and family outdoors. By customizing each experience to a specific city park, my hope is to create a one-of-a-kind adventure that not only teaches people about their city's greenspace, but helps them see these spaces in a whole new light. 

BranchOut began as a way to help people get outdoors

Hi, my name is Rick. Thanks for your interest in BranchOut! This idea was born out of the pandemic and my desire to help get people outdoors responsibly. I used to run in-person outdoor escape rooms as exhibits for environmental organizations. I've had the good fortune of designing adventures for a number of community organizations, including the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History & Sea Center, Santa Barbara Zoo, the Brevard Zoo, and the National Academy of Sciences. To date, over 6,500 intrepid people have embarked on one of my adventures.

About the Creator

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