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Tudor Place, Washington DC

When Tudor Place was gifted to the American people in 1966, it was with the expectation that this historical landmark would be preserved for future generations to enjoy. And preserved it has been. Winding your way past antique fountains and carefully manicured boxwoods, it is hard not to feel like you are traveling back in time when you visit. 


On one such visit, you came across a dusty booklet hidden in the dirt. It appears that the last owner of Tudor Place left not just an estate to enjoy, but a trail of clues as well...


Find out where they lead and what mysteries the garden holds!

*Update* Tudor Place is open again! Pre-registered tickets are required and can be reserved freely on the Tudor Place website:


Time to Complete: 30-50 minutes

Difficultly Level: 3/5

Distance: ~1/2 mile


Additional information:

- You will need to be able to climb stairs to complete this adventure.

- 10% of every purchase will go towards supporting the preservation of Tudor Place


If you have concerns about accessibility please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

Tudor Place, Washington DC

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